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What is it all About

Hi there, welcome to “The Youth Book Hugger” my blog/website! I started this up when I decided that I  before reading a book  knew if it was good or not. I thought that now thathad the ability now, I could help others  find something worth reading. I truly hope I can be of assistance to help you discover books you enjoy. I also put some of my own writing on here but since this is a new blog/website, you will have to wait, but I can give you a preview of what it will be like- check out the other pages to see-. Have fun and enjoy your time here!

What I write

My samples of writing will be on the “Writing Samples” page. My writing usually consists of fiction, but mainly: Mystery, Science fiction, Realistic Fiction – my RF is about things that are happening now to show what needs to stop in society or what should be real and it basically me writing things about empowerment and equality- I also write fantasy-based stories or twisted versions of fairy tales. Hope you like.

Background Behind the Name

I’m the “Youth Book Hugger” If you are a Chris Colfer fan, you will know exactly what a “Book Hugger” is. If not a book hugger is what he calls his fans/readers. If I’m not mistaken, the name originated from his third book from his “Land of Stories ” series. They look a little like this image that depicts them from a fan’s point of view. If you have read the series you can see this is a pretty accurate representation.- this picture is from Moshipan from Devian art. All props, check out their other work.-


So that to sum up is basically what my blog/website is about. Check out the other pages to get a taste of what happens on “The Youth Book Hugger”


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